Food, City, and Events Photography

“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.”
― E. Welty

Hi There, I’m Pete

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Our photography sessions are all about taking the time to slow down, understand my clients and take the perfect photograph, every time. Whether we shoot at your place of business or the comfort of my studio, together we'll create art work to define your brand.


The Experience

Photography is communication through light. Our services focus on channeling your vision through our expertly trained eyes, so we can both be proud of the outcome. 

Food & Beverage

You eat with your eyes, but food photography isn't just about making your food look as good as it tastes. The viewer can feel the atmosphere of your restaurant or brand through the image.

The Urban Sprawl

I have been photographing cities for 7 years, and have completed a degree in architecture. The hard lines of the city and the organic forms of its inhabitants are one of my favourite things to capture, and I do so with an architect's eye.

Events Photography

We love to capture the unrepeatable moments in life to make you feel like you're there all over again. As a self-proclaimed technology nerd, Peter uses a huge host of flashes, lenses, and cameras to snap every little moment no matter when, where, or how it happens.


Kind Words

Camera on a tripod
"The way Pete heard my needs while also prioritising the art direction should be the gold standard for content creators"

Daria Beckham

Let's Get You Booked

Whatever your uses, needs, or budget, I'll try and get you in as soon as possible.